Arsha Bharath

Women Empowerment is one of the leading concerns and cross cutting themes of ARSHABHARATH. A number of activities were under taken for developing women's skills and their over all empowerment.

Awareness Building and Training

​Gender equity and women empowerment are stressed in all awareness building programs. Special trainings are provided to women to develop their life skills and leadership skills. Women were enabled and encouraged to enter areas of work hitherto considered the exclusive domain of men. For instance, selected women in Ambalavayal Panchayat were given training in tile cutting and fixing. The trained women are working and earning regular income.

​Family Counselling

With the support of Central Social Welfare Board, ARSHABHARATH runs a Family Counseling Center which provides counseling support to individuals and families with psycho-social problems. ​

Service Provider

ARSHABHARATH also runs a Service Provider Center under the Protection of Women against to Domestic Violence Act. The Center intervenes in cases of harassment and violation of women's rights by family members. Many cases are resolved through counseling and cases which cannot be resolved through counseling are taken to the court.

Short Stay Home

​With a view to providing asylum to victims of domestic violence who find it difficult to continue living in their homes, ARSHABHARATH runs a mini short stay home. ​

Promotion of Womens's Initiatives

ARSHABHARATH promotes women's initiatives in the form of women's groups and micro enterprises through skill building, financial mediation and marketing support.