Arsha Bharath

From 2013 ARSHABHARATH has been involved in the implementation of a Jalanidhi Project implemented by the Pozhuthana Grama Panchayat with the support of the Kerala Government and financed by the World Bank. ARSHABHARATH is functioning as the Technical Support Organization. The project is mainly aimed at providing safe drinking water to 1500 families, majority of which belong to the Scheduled Tribe category. There are 17 schemes under the project of sinking wells, constructing tanks, setting up distribution and filtering systems etc. There are 32 Beneficiary Groups (B.Gs), for operating the system and maintaining it. In this special tribal project the local Panchayat has a share of 15% of the cost; while the cost share of the people is 10%.The remaining 75% cost is met by the World Bank.

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