Arsha Bharath

Food Security

Food security has become a casualty in Wayanad, both in terms of quantity and quality of food intake. To bolster local food security, ARSHABHARATH has taken several initiatives, including promotion of homestead food crop farming, conservation and propagation of endemic varieties of food crops, some of which are on the brink of extinction. CASA has been our staunch partner in this.

Suraksha Project

Sureksha is an HIV/AIDS prevention and women empowerment program, being implemented in the Adimali, Kattappana, Idukki district , Idukki and Nedumkandam areas of Idukki district. Under this project various programs, including HIV/AIDS prevention, STI/STD counseling and treatment, condom promotion, behavioral change program, community organization have been going on from 2007 for the benefit of 1037 female sex workers. Besides control of spread of sexual diseases, including HIV/AIDS, among the most vulnerable section of the population, the projects has resulted in overall empowerment of the participating women, some of whom have become elected people’s representatives in the local governments and members of political parties and other civil society organizations.

Child Care

With the support of Central Social Welfare Board, ARSHABHARATH runs a Creche with components of nutrition, education and health care. This is a great help for the mothers who have to go for work in the tea estates