Arsha Bharath

ARSHABHARATH promotes organic/natural farming, homestead food crop cultivation, conservation of farm biodiversity and initiatives of farmer organizations.

Organic Farming

​​In our Watershed Development Projects we insist on organic/natural farming methods. Increasing number of farmers have adopted organic/natural farming methods and technologies.

Homestead Food Crop Cultivation

​​In response to growing food insecurity in Wayanad, ARSHABHARATH started promoting cultivation of food crops in homesteads. During 2012 - 2013 more than 700 small & marginal farmers joined in a campaign to grow food crops in more than 200 acres in the Panchayats of Meppadi & Mupainad. The crops included tubers, such as tapioca, elephant yam, colocasia, vegetables and banana. ​ ​

Promotion of Farmer Initiatives

​​ARSHABHARATH has taken a keen interest in forming and strengthening farmer collectives in the form of SHGs, JLGs and Federations. These groups undertake various activities, including group farming, livestock management and agro-processing.