Arsha Bharath


May All Beings Experience Joy; ARSHABHARATH, meaning ‘the India of the Rshis/ Sages’ was founded in 1987 by a team of socially enlightened youth of Wayanad, led by M.M. Augustine of Puttad as a civil society response to the deteriorating socio-environmental situation in Wayanad.

Our Mission

  • Community living and sharing
  • Awareness building with emphasis on creative relationships with human beings and elements of nature
  • Skill development with focus on life skills
  • Organization development and management with focus on organizations of farmers and women
  • Information dissemination and publication around themes of natural resource management, environmental protection,human rights etc.
  • Women’s security and development
  • Eco-harmonic farming,holistic life styles, national integration, communal harmony etc.
  • Consumer Education
  • PRA, PLA etc.
  • Legal aid
  • Counseling
  • Child care
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